Ripped and Ready

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Ripped and Ready

A high intensity driven program designed for males who want to achieve maximal body fat loss and lean mass gain in the given 12weeks.  Through structured training phases, precise tailored nutrition and custom supplementation protocols you will see visible results within 1week, and they will continue for the entirety of the program.

A 12 week program devised to give the maximal lean muscle mass increases whilst dramatically reducing your body fat through strategic bouts of intensive, volume based training and specific nutrient timing.  Coupled with an effective supplement protocol to ensure adequate recovery between sessions, both physically and mentally.

Length – 12 weeks

What’s Included:

  • Weekly Email Contact
  • Access to a private Facebook group (Social interaction with likeminded people)
  • 3 phase training program
  • Macro specific example meal plans (based on your current physique)
  • Specific supplement protocol
  • Nutritional Information booklet

Price: £299

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